John Booth Consultancy


Specialising in road materials, their use, and the assessment of road foundations and the underlying soil structure as well as investigations and assessment of existing construction, including an expert witness service.

The Consultancy provides unique combination of knowledge covering geotechnics and road construction techniques, and road design methodology.

Although deceptively simple roads, driveways and other paved areas require a degree of technical knowledge to achieve a sound, long lasting, running surface.

Surfacing techniques include asphalt surface courses, surface dressing, slurry surfacing, concrete and resin surfacing.

Foundations can be asphalt, concrete, unbound aggregate or a combination of these.

Investigative techniques are tailored to the problem and can include diamond core drilling, lightweight deflectometer and falling weight deflectometer, dynamic cone penetrometer, excavated test pits, and geotechnical drilling (window sampling). Skid resistance, surface profile, and surface texture can also be measured. Most of this work is procured through selected third-party providers.

Various tests can be applied to recovered samples of road material and the underlying soil to help identify the problem or establish a solution.