John Booth Consultancy


Qualifications HNC Civil Engineering
B.Sc. (Hons) (Open)

Membership Institute of Asphalt Technology (MIAT)
Institute of Physics (MInstP)

I am an experienced multi-disciplinary consultant in the fields of soils and materials technology, specialising in road construction techniques and materials.

I have knowledge of all road surfacing techniques including asphalt, surface dressing, slurry surfacing, concrete and resin surfacing. Road foundations can be concrete, asphalt or unbound aggregates.

I have considerable technical experience working with local authorities and the private sector, with relevant expertise in the fields of civil engineering materials technology, soils testing and ground investigation, with applications ranging from the specification of materials and their applicability in the field of highway design, the design of highway foundations, the specification and execution of ground investigations, investigations into the failure of highway surfacing and construction, including a knowledge of road tar contamination assessment and testing.

I have a wide ranging interest in and knowledge of science and technology including statistical analysis, physical processes, chemistry and mathematical analysis. I have undertaken a number of research projects, and been involved in innovative specifications for asphalt products.

I am a member of the Association of Directors of Environment, Economy, Planning and Transport (ADEPT) Soils And Materials Design and Specification committee, which operates to support the ADEPT Engineering Board.

I represent ADEPT at the UK Pavement Liaison Group (UKPLG), a consultation body convened by National Highways. In 2015/16 I was a member of a UKPLG Working Group conducting a review of the National Highways road design guide HD25 (IAN73/06).

I also represent ADEPT at 5 British Standard Institute (BSI) committees relating to road materials as well as 2 further BSI committees that deal dangerous substances in construction products, and sustainability for construction products.

I am also convenor of the European Standards committee CEN/TC 227/WG6, a working group that covers sustainability and dangerous substances of road materials.

I am the sole director of John Booth Consultancy Ltd.